British Nurses Strike Again Amid Pay Dispute

Nurses in Britain went on strike Tuesday for the second time in a week as they seek better pay to keep up with soaring living costs.

The strike involves up to 100,000 nurses from the Royal College of Nursing Union, which said it would give the government 48 hours after Tuesday to respond to its demands or face another strike next month.

The union is asking for a raise that puts pay 5 perecent above inflation, a figure the government says it cannot afford.

The strike comes as other sectors prepare their own actions in coming weeks as they seek to resolve pay disputes.

Ambulance crews are due to go on strike Wednesday. Railway staff, passport officers and postal workers also plan stoppages.

Nurses also walked out last Thursday causing the cancellation of some treatments.

Some information for this report came from The Associated Press, Agence France Presse and Reuters

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